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Half-sisters Blake and Lennon destroy themselves as they desperately try to understand the cause of their mother’s untimely suicide. This moving psychological drama inspired by true events, written by 16 year old writer duo Anusha Sharangpani and Tina Bleszynski, takes a ruthlessly honest look at what can happen when tragedy hits us in our most vulnerable years. Haven explores how suicide affects everything from complex teen social structures to the closest familial bonds. The work of Anusha Sharangpani and Tina Bleszynski to bravely share their personal tale pays off with a beautiful and heart-wrenching script that completely reinvents the “Coming of Age” genre. The film, also starring co-writers Sharangpani and Bleszynski, is currently in pre-production and is set to be directed and produced by Amna Vegha in early 2022. Vegha is excited to be working with teen writers to tell a teen tale. “So often”, Vegha says, “I see press for a new teen flick or series that deals with topics like suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, or mental illness, and time and time again I feel they get it all wrong. It seems obvious that dialogue for teenage characters has been written by adults, and Haven is a refreshingly honest depiction of how teenagers handle crisis and grief. Tina and Anusha’s script blew me away and I’m excited to be working with such talented teen writers and actresses.”

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