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House of red doors

Foster sisters Sam and Charlie share an unbreakable bond. From girlhood to adulthood, they have always lived life on the edge. When they decide to take on a dangerous new profession to make ends meet, their harrowing past comes back to haunt them. Determined to survive and reclaim their lives, the women embark on a hunt through the streets of Athens, Greece to confront their demons for a final reckoning. House of Red Doors is a female-driven revenge thriller that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘the sins of the flesh.’
Amna Vegha & Gareth Tidball began writing HOUSE OF RED DOORS as a short film out of a shared frustration from seeing one-dimensional female characters in horror films. We were tired of portrayals of women who were devoid of humanity and fated to be either deranged psychopaths or helpless victims. We found solace in films like RAW and GINGER SNAPS, which center around female dynamic duos that share a realistically complex relationship. We set out to write our own character piece that reflected the close sisterly bond that we share in reality.
Soon enough, the story evolved into much more. With Sam and Charlie’s bond to anchor us, we became intent on tackling larger societal taboos that are left virtually untouched in film. We believe the most terrifying crimes are those committed in broad daylight, within highly-populated communities, by perpetrators who are never caught. These are the circumstances that perpetuate child abuse and human trafficking.
HOUSE OF RED DOORS is a story intended to shed a light on the hidden trauma incurred by victims of child trafficking. Having lived in Athens, Greece, Amna acquired an intimate view of the dark underbelly that lies beneath what’s commonly known as a tourist paradise. We thought this location made the perfect backdrop for our story about hidden suffering.
HOUSE OF RED DOORS weaves many genres together, shifting organically between scenes of exciting action, sincere tenderness, and gruesome horror. Our aim isn’t just to shock and terrify, though our script accomplishes both; we simply seek to tell a story as nuanced, unpredictable, and ever-changing as real life.


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