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the pupils go to new york

Amna's producing career comprises primarily of horror, but The Pupils Go to New York is by far the exception. Co-written by Amna Vegha and Gareth Tidball, this short film is part of a series of Amna and Gareth's deep dive into clowning and street theatre. Speaking exclusively in Amna and Gareth's made up language, Bao, the two roam the streets of New York City in an effort to engage New Yorkers to take some time out of their day to be playful and step outside of their comfort zone. This was Amna and Gareth's second collaboration before they moved forward to write and produce their own feature-length film, House of Red Doors.

"After a long and arduous journey from The Isle of Baubo, clowns Mishka and Anouska have arrived in New York City. Watch as they try to make their way through the Big Apple.
The Pupils is a devised all-female clowning troupe founded in New York City by Amna Vegha & Gareth Tidball."

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